We are looking for dancers/non-dancers of all abilities aged 9-60+ 
Roles are as follows:

aged 4-6:  Sheep
aged 7-9: Mice, Cherubs
aged 8-12:  Party Girls, Tea, Polichinelles, Soldiers
aged 13-16:  Soldiers, Angels
aged 13- adult non-pointe:  Flowers, Spanish
pointe dancers:  Snow, Clara, Marzipan, Arabian, Spanish Soloist, Dew Drop, Sugar Plum
Adult non-dancers/beginners Male and Female:  Party Parents
boys aged 7-18:  Fritz, Soldiers, Party boys

Open Auditons on September 8th at Cheney Hall in Manchester:

10-10:30        Ages 4-6
10:30-11:30   Ages 7-11
11:30-12:30   Ages 12+ (pointe stay until 1:00)

Can’t make auditions? Audition by arrangement in Bristol.
Please  email to get on our audition list or to register!  

Reheasrsals start September 29th.  Have activities that may conflict?  We do our best to schedule around known conflicts, so please let us know so that we can help!

Performances are December 13-15.

All costumes are provided.  Dancers only provide personal items such as tights, leotards and shoes.

$140 participation/costume rental fee applies to all student level dancers.
 To see more about our Nutcracker click here.